Their Story

Warning: If you become a part of God's Story AND your friends story, they will see Jesus in you.

All of us were put in one another’s life on purpose, God’s purpose. It is not an accident that you know your friends, neighbors, co-students/workers, teammates, etc.  There is something, maybe many things, about the connection between God’s Story and My Story that He wants to reveal to each of these people so that they experience His love in the flesh.

How do we work with God to make those connections?

We pray about two ways we can make those connections intentionally. After all, love is intentional. The first category is conversation and the second is hanging out.


1.  Learn Their Story. People know we care when we take the time to get to know them. Listen to them. Ask questions. Watch them. You will see how wonderfully and fearfully they are made in God’s imag3. You will experience some of their hurts and wounds that sin causes in all men and celebrate the good stuff. You are learning the details that make up their story just as we learned them in My Story. Not only does it show we care but we now know how to pray for them and how to love them better. The more you know about someone the more ways their are to lay your life down in a meaningful way.

2.  Share My Story. Be real and honest. People need to be trusted as much as they need someone to trust. When we share our ups and downs and the truth of how Jesus helps us, we are witnesses.

Hanging out.

1.  Enter Their Story. Since we are temples of the living God, the more they hang out with us the more opportunities there are to interact with Jesus through His body. That’s a good thing.

2.  Plan on it costing you. Time, money, effort, etc. Love always costs.

3.  Be an inviter. Just about any activity or event in your life will do. 

4.  Help them. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point.

5.  Ask them to help you. Helping others gives us a sense of purpose and value. It feels good to help someone, doesn't it. When we ask for help it also shows we trust them. That's love.

6.  Just make the time for them.

Try it!

Pray. Commit to praying every day this week for your unsaved friend. 

Holy Experiments. Simply pick something from above prayerfully that fits your friendship with an unsaved friend. Decide when and where you will try it. Don't have any expectations other than God has a plan. Do it. Then watch to see what God does.