Lisa Wreesman

Girls Staff Supervisor and Juvenile Justice Ministries

Lisa joined the CCYFC team in 2003.  She started as assistant to the ED, Darrell Janzen.  Little did she know what God had in mind. One day, Mitch asked her if she could attend a Jr. High meeting because there was no one to be there to help with the girls. She was a little apprehensive at first.  Junior High, yikes! (She’s rarely missed a meeting in eight years.)  To this day, she’s still with Jr High girls and continues to minister to them and with them through High School.  Lisa also deeply values the wonderful volunteer team of friends she gets to serve with at our local Juvenile Hall.  “Our heart is that every one of these sometimes forgotten, often broken Kids would hear about the life-saving love of Jesus Christ.  We pray continually that we can be faithful messengers.” Her ‘professional’ experience comes from loving her husband, Ron, since 1985, raising 4 incredible kids (now adults) and loving spending time in Prayer and the Scriptures.

“I wish you could see the things I get to see! There’s nothing better than to run alongside Kids as they discover who they are as followers of Jesus...and then,  I get a ‘front row seat’ and watch as they share Jesus with their friends!  Amazing!  Pretty sure it’s part of the reason I breathe.  Makes me think of what John says, ‘I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.'" 3 John 1:4