A simple devotional designed to discover a Holy Experiment from Scripture.

PRAY, asking God  to help you 

  1. get to know Him as you read the bible ,
  2. to teach you about following Jesus and
  3. to show you a clear Holy Experiment.

READ a passage you have chose. It could be a story, a chapter, or a section that’s outlined in  your bible. Don’t choose a super sized piece to read. This is about listening to God, not about how much of the bible you read or know. Read the passage once or twice.

OBSERVE as you read. Did a word, phrase or verse grab your attention? You did ask for God to speak to you. What does He have to say to you? Copy the verse down in the area provided.

APPLY the verse you have written down to your life. Is God the Father reminding you of His love, calling you back through conviction or asking you to partner with Him in loving and feeding one of His people? Write in the space below what ever the Holy Spirit is prompting you too:  praise, thanksgiving, confession, a prayer request, conviction, or a step of faith for a friend discovered in prayer. (Holy Experiment). What will you do? When and where will you do it?

PRAY again. Commit your plans to the Lord. Ask for the grace to follow through with your convictions, your God given mission. Confess your dependence on His strength to carry you through. Ask for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s directions as He guides you along His way. Feel free to write your prayer down.

TELL someone. Anyone. The next person you see. A family member, friend, teammate, Youth Pastor, teacher, classmate, co-worker, janitor, the person you order coffee from every day, the person ... you get the idea. You never know who else needs to hear what God said to you.