Monday Nights, June 13 - August 22

6-8pm: Jr. High & Middle School Students|
8-10pm: High School Students

"May the way we live leave no doubt Jesus lives."

With the extra time summer provides, Youth For Christ creates space for students to come together from different schools and churches for this reason: to encourage eachother to live in a way that naturally and super-naturally invites others to follow Jesus with us.

How do we do that? With special emphasis on how the Good News is relevant to our own daily lives, we tell stories (everyday testimonies of God's work around us), pray together and discover how we can obey the command to love as Jesus does, intentionally connecting with others who don't know Jesus yet. 

We have Good News. Let's show it and share it.

3180 San Fernando Rd.

More info:
YFC Office: 805-462-0107
Darrell Janzen: 805-610-5256